Why You Should Not Buy Fake Degree from Degree Maker and Degree Mill

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  • September 27, 2017
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Fake Degree

fake degree
fake degree

Fake Degree – Many persons have got loads of experiences without a degree to back them up. Unfortunately, in this modern era, a skill without a degree has almost no public value, and you can only know this when you go to seek employment with a firm. When recruiting, the HRs are quick to look out for what qualifications the job seeker holds. While this could be frustrating sometimes, it works in other people’s favor.

In an attempt to increase their chances of securing jobs, most individuals go on to buy fake degrees from degree mills and others who offer fake degrees. When most people buy degree online, they often do not consider the consequences it brings overtime.

Degree Mills are fraudulent businesses that offer fake diploma for sale, that bear the stamps of colleges, universities or high schools. Degree mills offer fake diplomas that can sometimes lead to complications when eventually detected. There are a number of reasons why Degree Mills are not the best options when venturing to buy a degree to supplement your life’s experience. In fact, you should not buy fake degrees from degree mills for the following reasons:

  • You  would be wasting lots of Money

These degrees cost between the ranges of $100 to $500. For the average earner, that’s not a regular come-by money. You are required to pay for the paperwork that contains the details of the degree you are purchasing. On the certificate, you would have the seal and stamps of the fake university (or a forged real one), as well as the appended signatures of the designated signatories. This costs a lot depending on the school, the course of study as well as the Degree Mill you patronize. Once caught, the entire money has been wasted; and what are the chances of not getting caught on the first interview?

  • You would be wasting lots of Time

You could eventually secure the degrees and get caught after a few years. Now on a practical note, you could have actually invested the time you have spent in actually studying for a real degree. And the money for tuition? The cost of the fake degree you have acquired can actually cover for that. If you don’t have a genuine reason to go for a fake degree, then go and study! If not, you would end up actually spending time fruitlessly.

  • You would lose your esteem and integrity

How do you feel to know that you are not worth the document in your files? Worthless, right? Most likely. You can avoid all that inadequate feeling for yourself, and earn your degree. You must not buy a fake degree if you still value the smiles of your esteem and integrity. Purchasing yourself a fake degree might turn out to haunt you constantly, and damage your image and reputation. And guess what a poor self-esteem does to a professional career; It damns your productivity and reduces your chances of succeeding big time.

  • You would be caught eventually

Recruiters are getting smarter, especially as technology advances continuously. Yes your degree mill might claim they would stand as your registrar, they would provide your academic transcripts should things turn in that direction, and they would provide all the necessary backing in case of any eventuality, but when you encounter recruiters who are experienced, you stand almost no chance of getting through the front door with your fake key.

Most degree mills offer you diploma of departments or faculties that sometimes do not even exist. In some other cases it’s from universities that are not even accredited. And when we talk about accreditation, we are referring to the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education. Most degree mills have their way around accreditation; they create agencies from oblivion and work out their own accreditation. In some occasions when you insist to buy accredited degree only, they disguise and trick you into believing they are offering you such. The bottom-line is that those are not accredited degrees. Recruiters are now aware of this and watch out for such indicators. If you want an accredited degree, you know how to get it.

Fake Degree

Do you still have the intention to buy university degree from a degree maker? What chances are there that you can secure your dream job by patronizing degree mills? That is up to you to answer.