Educating yourself the royal way

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  • July 4, 2017
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Education is a global term now. Education has reached a stage where it is no more a concept of just imparting knowledge. It has reached a stage where it can be called a comprehensive profession. Also, the global corporate trend is shifting towards professional’s education which makes them trive to keep up with the emerging fads of the market. We often hear of CEOs and CFOs having been asked to get an MBA in their late 40s in order to scale up a notch in their professional career.

Ever observed what happens when a professional is asked to pick up the book at an age where it has almost been almost two decades since he last entered an examination hall? Panic and anxiety strikes. It takes too much from an already under pressure professional to grill himself/herself through all the curriculum and then sit for an exam parallel with his ward who sits for an exam at school.

But shooing away the whole idea of education at 40 is sometimes too premature judgement to make. Think of a new perspective that any professional experiences and how it gives an upper hand to him/her in her professional life.

The major difficulty faced by these people taking up a degree at a certain stage and age is regarding finding, attending and getting through with that educational institution.

Finding: We are still experiencing a lack of “good quality” distance learning programmes.

Attending: Which ever institutions are there are not distance learning but the conventional classroom institutions which make it difficult for professionals to attend regularly.

Getting through: This is one of the most difficult things to do because the person undergoing the training has long lost the habit of being submissive to a curriculum and the fears of examination.

This is exactly where the online distance education programmes kick in. Some of the finest institutions today have an online distance learning programme wing which caters to an altogether different fragment of people.

Just like the rest of the world is shifting gears towards moving online, distance learning which originally used to be in the form of handouts, course material and notes, is now making a paradigm shift in terms of how education is imparted through the internet.

The biggest change that these new distance learning programmes are doing is that they are biding adieu to the “no one on one interaction if you choose us” kind of a concept which originally existed in all the distance learning programmes. What online learning has does is that is has defied the rules of distance learning and still maintain the lecture format of learning through skype and web cams.

It is high time for us to embrace this form of education, because let us all address the fact that “going” to a college is difficult, expensive and time consuming. But learning online is easier, convenient and probably cheaper.

The United Kingdoms has been a hub for higher education since ages, being home to some of the finest and the most legendary institutions in the world. But today you can also buy a masters degree in UK.

Buy a degree?? Well that is what most of the readers point out. But the distance learning programmes in UK promise you an education service if you book in to one of the courses and it offers a great horizon of topics along with practical knowledge in the field of education, technology, art, engineering, math etc. Also, if you also buy a masters degree in UK , chances of employment there itself are high because employment mainly is based on the masters degree and not on the bachelors degree.