Do Employers Respect Online University Degrees?

Online students often get worried about the status of their degree. Students always want to know if employers respect online university degrees. It is important to know if employers in your career field accept online certificate before opting for it. Every student needs to ask questions before enrolling for an accredited university degree online.

Earning a degree online in today’s world is not out of the ordinary. In the year 2012, it was estimated that about 86% of schools offered courses through the online platform. It is therefore an established fact that online degree is becoming widely accepted and respected. The name of the institution that awards a degree is much more important than the method in which the degree was earned. In other words, employers are more interested in the reputation of the school that awards a degree.

There are basically two types of universities that offer online university degrees to students. These are the online-only universities and universities that offer degrees both online and on-campus. The latter are somewhat preferred by students because of the reputations they have built over time through on-campus degrees. Employers are less likely to ask about the method you earned your degree if the degree is from a reputable university.

Likely factors that give rise to questioning about online university degrees

Online degrees are respected by many organizations. At the same time, it is very important to be prepared for discussion about your online education when going for an interview. There are two major factors that give rise to questioning about online education by employers.

Your University Does not have a physical Campus

In case you buy accredited degree from an online university that does not have a physical campus, you should expect some questioning. This is because the online-only universities are sometimes perceived as ‘less rigorous’ when compared to universities with both online and campus based degrees. Some employers can be sceptical about degrees awarded by online-only institutions.

Your Degree is not Accredited Regionally

It is very important to buy bachelor degree UK that is accredited by a third party agency. The university that offers your degree must be recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Another agency that offers accreditation is the United States Department of Education. Regionally accredited online university degrees have better reputation than nationally accredited degrees. A regionally accredited degree also offers high possibility of credit transfer. Such degree also enjoys high respect in the corporate world. Therefore, when making your decision about the online degree, get the one that is regionally accredited.

How to earn Respect for your Online Life Experience Degree

If your degree is awarded by an online-only institution, there is a possibility that your employer will ask questions. It is therefore important to prepare ahead to defend your online degree. How can you do this?

Reiterate the positive traits you demonstrated by the successful completion of your online original degree UK. Stress the fact that these traits are what you need to perform optimally at your work. You can go ahead to mention some of these traits which include:

  • Ability to learn independently
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-discipline
  • Advanced literacy in computer operation and
  • Superior time management