7 Common Masters Degree You Can Consider Today

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  • February 27, 2018
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Master’s degrees are generally categorised into 2 different groups: course-based degrees, and research-based degrees. Course-based master’s degrees are you traditional programmes that involve courses taught through lectures, lab work, seminars, or online learning. Research-based degrees, however, involve the student creating their own research project in a specific field of study. Research-based degrees will take a little bit longer to complete than course-based degrees.

When it comes to where to buy masters degrees, however, most of the masters degrees online will be course-based degrees. Here are a handful of course-based master’s degrees that you can pursue.

Master of Arts

This degree is commonly awarded among disciplines within art or social studies, such as education, literature, geography, communications, and more. Candidates of this degree are taught through a series of lectures and seminars, and are challenged through exams or research projects.

Master of Science

This degree is commonly awarded among disciplines within sciences, including biology, chemistry, statistics, health, engineering, and more. Like art, certain fields including economics can be consider both necessities for both arts and science majors, with the master’s degree programme ultimately determined by how it is structured by the institution. In some industries however, the Master of Science is considered more effective than the Master of Arts, considering more research that is involved with classes taught in the science discipline.

Master of Business

When it comes to business, there are many types of master’s degrees that one could pursue. They all, however, require a good amount of professional experience. With the exception of the MBA (Master of Business Administration), the other master’s degrees in business, such as the MSc, MSM, and, MIM, require Bachelor’s degrees from completely different backgrounds, such as arts or social sciences. Master in Engineering Management is exclusively for engineering students, while Master of Management is available for all types of disciplines.

Master of Law

This degree is taken after a student obtains a professional law degree. The Master of Law allows students to combine their basic skills knowledge in order to become a lawyer, with added research in a particular area like defence or prosecution. Look online to find out where to buy masters degrees in law.

Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health Degree has elements of professionalism and academics, that take a more practical approach to health procedures that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals face every day. Students learn how to supervise, diagnose, and treat health related issues of test patients through public health policies. Many master’s degrees in public health focus on specific fields such as global health, nutritional sciences, and occupational health. While some countries will accept students with accredited Bachelor’s degrees, others will only accept graduates in medical programmes.

Master of Education

This degree is to prepare students for careers in teaching others. Some of these degrees help student teachers to get certified; while others help certified teachers gain even more experience to help them teach in a specialty setting, such as in special education or counselling. MIT and MAT degrees involve coursework and a teaching internship for students necessary for the student to be able to teach in a public school setting.

Master of Social Work

This degree is to prepare students for a career in social work, which focuses on enhancing the life of an individual, group, or community. The Master of Social Work is offered as a clerical degree, giving the students the credentials to work directly with clients. It can also be a macro-practice degree, which helps prepare students for jobs in community organising and/or political advocacy.


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