People who can benefit from Distance Learning

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  • May 5, 2018
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Online learning provides plenty of advantages over the conventional college experience. From back-to-back classes in different building blocks to parking, distance learning lets one avoid the hassles of traditional universities.

Earning a degree at an online university or college packs numerous intangible benefits. It spares you the stress of being very close to completing your year, only to realise that the final class you want is full and your graduation has to wait until the next semester.
It’s believed that the future of learning is online; that it will be part of everyone’s education, some will want to capitalise on it because it’s affordable, while others, will take the classes to fill in the gaps. While everyone can benefit from distance learning degree courses, there’s a specific group of people that can really make use of the online learning opportunity.

Military people

About 10 years ago, disruptive PCS or distant deployment far from campuses meant no graduating for the military personnel and their families. Often, they would end up delaying or even forgetting about education; which put them at a disadvantage especially when they seek promotion. Their spouses too would find a hard time getting any employment.

But now, military people and their spouses are getting degrees, regardless of their location, thanks to the universities that offer online courses. As long as they have a computer and the connection of internet, then they can study.

Working parents

Being a parent is a full-time commitment. Raising children, coupled with employment can be a challenge, but it’s even worse when you think about adding classes to the already tight schedule. The traffic, long classes, and inflexible lesson times can cause a person to go nuts.

But with online learning, one can always plan their time and squeeze in the lessons whenever they are free. Besides, there are no daily shuttle runs, sitting in classes and all. The courses are flexible, and one can cover a lot of ground over the weekend or on holidays.

Learners who need more support

Online classes provide the best place for students who require a little more guidance or support, maybe due to unfamiliar subject matter or language barrier. They can communicate with the teachers or other students through email or online message boards whenever they get stuck. In fact, some students report feeling less pressured when studying online because they’re not matching their performance to their peers like in a physical class.

Techno-savvy group

There’s probably a lot of things to learn about technology. Even after you graduate. If you love technology, there’s something new that you’ll always want to learn. If whatever you’re interested in isn’t within your reach, you can opt for the distance learning degree courses that offer whatever it is you want.

Advanced students

Some students who are first learners, while others aren’t. In a traditional class, everyone has to go with the pace of the teachers, and it can be frustrating for those who feel they’re being held back.

Such students can opt for the online learning where they get to set their own pace and learn at their own speed. This way, they get to graduate faster and pursue other life goals.


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