Why your price is slightly higher than other degrees offered online?

Our price is higher because the university we provide is officially accredited and physically existent ones. If we had to sell our degree just in the name of any existent or non-existent university then definitely we could have offered a more affordable price, but we are indeed offering real, original, Accredited Degree from a highly reputed university then we have to take care of many person-in-charge involved in the process and so have to maintain the prices accordingly.

As we are the direct employee working in the University, we do not want to expose our identity to anyone that eventually might make us at risk on losing job and face legal prosecution. Nontheless, we will handle your order via email, collect the information required to produce the degree. The degree is produced in the University; once ready, then only forward the documents to our agent and finally courier to you by FedEx. Our agent will act on our behalf for payment collection and delivery. (This is the back-door way to getting a real, original degree from accredited university that is recognised worldwide)

We can rest ensure our degree is the best in the market (in term of accreditation & unviersity’s reputation and recognition). If your opinion is of any different, we surely want to hear from you.